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Two quick ideas for Sir Charlie Stinky Socks

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Here's a couple of quick fun ideas for using this book with your class:

Groaning and moaning

There are lots of noises in Sir Charlie Stinky Socks. Why not get the class to do the sound effects? Can they groan like a creaky old tree? Can they moan like a terrible beastie? Can they imagine the sound for a Wiggly Woo - or giggle like they've had their toes tickled?

Sing a lullaby

In Sir Charlie's adventure, he sings a lullaby to stop the trees from groaning. You could sing a favourite lullaby like 'Rock-a-bye-baby' with your class - get them to learn the song and sing it out loud with actions for rocking a baby and wind-blowing noises. You could even try singing it to a tree in the playground to see if you can stop it groaning!

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