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Simple ideas for acting our Farmer Duck

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Younger children may enjoy this simple way of acting out or miming the story of Farmer Duck.

  • As a warm-up, everyone can mime the duck working as he does in the pictures: sawing logs, digging, washing up, doing the ironing, picking apples, or carrying a heavy basket.
  • Next, improvise the animals’ talk at the meeting.
  • In slow motion, act out the farmer being bounced out of bed and chased.
  • Have a celebration at the end!

Some of our other favourite farmyard stories to act, mime or dance with younger children include The Pig in the Pond by Martin Waddell and Jill Barton (Walker Books), Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins (Red Fox) or Stuck in the Mud by Garry Parsons and Jane Clarke (Puffin Books).

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